I Get By With A Little Help

One thing I’ve learned since graduating college is that no one can pick your friends for you. You have to actively chose who you surround yourself with since you don’t have things like classes or study hall to make it easier to maintain relationships. Since you’re no longer granted the gift of convenience you have… Continue reading I Get By With A Little Help

Cutting Out Negativity

Hey guys, So, today I wanted to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a few weeks now. I’ve begun to notice that quite a few of the people I surround myself with and call friends aren’t always the best influences on me. I’m beginning to realize that the people I surround myself… Continue reading Cutting Out Negativity

How to Let Your Inner-Beauty Shine

I know I usually blog about dumb stuff like a quick and easy makeup routine or my embarrassingly-horrible Tinder dates but today I decided to switch it up and talk about something that I don’t think many beauty bloggers talk about: inner beauty. I believe it’s so imperative to be your best inside and out. … Continue reading How to Let Your Inner-Beauty Shine