I Get By With A Little Help

One thing I’ve learned since graduating college is that no one can pick your friends for you. You have to actively chose who you surround yourself with since you don’t have things like classes or study hall to make it easier to maintain relationships. Since you’re no longer granted the gift of convenience you have… Continue reading I Get By With A Little Help

Why I Chose Happiness Over a Stable Paycheck

At the beginning of last week, one of my good friends from elementary school passed away. Granted, it had probably been well over 10 years since I saw her last, but, I couldn’t shake the unsettling feeling that I had over her passing. She was only 22 years old, a few months younger than me… Continue reading Why I Chose Happiness Over a Stable Paycheck

The End of the Drug Store Queen’s Reign

  Up until recently (three days ago to be exact) I kind of considered myself the drugstore-makeup queen. Let me loose in a CVS and I could come up with a look that would wow you. Honestly, I’ve always liked drugstore makeup! The colors, the accessibility, and definitely the price made shopping for all my… Continue reading The End of the Drug Store Queen’s Reign

Dealing with Writer’s Block

Hey y’all! So it’s the middle of the semester and it feels like every week I’m being asked to write essays, poetry (for my poetry class obvi), even writing posts for OM! Sometimes it feels like people expect me to be a wealth of ideas and eloquence, but that just isn’t the case. Writer’s block… Continue reading Dealing with Writer’s Block

Feel Yourself This Fall: Daytime Drama

Happy Fall Outré Loves! Much like the changing of the leaves this season, here at Outré Mode we’ve been adopting our own changes! With all of us in our final semesters of College and approaching the impending doom of adulthood, we’re upping our style game and giving our own spin on the young professional (wincing). Along with… Continue reading Feel Yourself This Fall: Daytime Drama

Tutorial: The New STROBING Trend!

Hey, Outré loves! I hate to disappoint you if you’ve finally perfected chiseling your mug, because I have some bad news: Contouring is OUT, and Strobing is IN! Just as quickly as the contouring and highlighting trend exploded on the scene a few years ago, recent make up trends have departed drastically from the heavy matte… Continue reading Tutorial: The New STROBING Trend!