Satisfying Your Wanderlust on a Budget

It’s a safe assumption to say that most people would like to be able to travel more often, which, is no easy feat for us 20-somethings. With bills to pay and student loan debts to pay off, who has time or the means to take a trip? If you’re looking to get a cheap getaway,… Continue reading Satisfying Your Wanderlust on a Budget

Spring Break: Staycation Edition

Hello again, guys! Even though it might still be a bit chilly where you live, Spring Break is right around the corner! If you’re like me, you waited too long to dream up big plans for the week. So, while your pals are living it up in some tropical dreamland, you’re stuck in your city.… Continue reading Spring Break: Staycation Edition

Consistency in Past and Present

This semester I’m taking a class on Walt Whitman, who I understand to be considered the ubiquitous American poet. I am new to reading Whitman, but he has already piqued my interests with a philosophy I have found to be consistent in my own life. In the preface to Leaves of Grass, Whitman leaves no distinction between the… Continue reading Consistency in Past and Present