In Defense of Vanity

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a strange fascination with my own face. I would spend hours contemplating the lines, dots, and colors that make it unique. Sometimes my obsession would turn negative, especially in high school. I cursed my round eyes, unruly eyebrows and uneven skin. Because what I saw looked nothing like… Continue reading In Defense of Vanity

I Don’t Give a F*** What You Think of my Makeup!

“I hate girls who wear makeup” “Girls who wear a lot of makeup are like liars” “I just like an all-natural girl”   I have had a man say all of these things to me, regardless if I was wearing makeup or not. FIRST. I just want to say that men are allowed to have… Continue reading I Don’t Give a F*** What You Think of my Makeup!

The End of the Drug Store Queen’s Reign

  Up until recently (three days ago to be exact) I kind of considered myself the drugstore-makeup queen. Let me loose in a CVS and I could come up with a look that would wow you. Honestly, I’ve always liked drugstore makeup! The colors, the accessibility, and definitely the price made shopping for all my… Continue reading The End of the Drug Store Queen’s Reign

A Farewell Letter to the Cat Eye

Dear Cat Eye, Oh, you. We’ve been through so much together. From the temple grazing wings in high-school, to the thick mini-triangles at the outer corners of my eyes I perfected in college, you’ve always been there for me. But I think it’s finally time we started seeing other people. Let’s face it:  you’re old. You’ve been… Continue reading A Farewell Letter to the Cat Eye

Tutorial: The New STROBING Trend!

Hey, Outré loves! I hate to disappoint you if you’ve finally perfected chiseling your mug, because I have some bad news: Contouring is OUT, and Strobing is IN! Just as quickly as the contouring and highlighting trend exploded on the scene a few years ago, recent make up trends have departed drastically from the heavy matte… Continue reading Tutorial: The New STROBING Trend!

Fake ‘n’ Bake: How NOT to Look Like a Cheeto

Surfs up OM Readers! And with the summer days dwindling away, the express obligation to hit the beach is constantly hounding us to oblige. Having a tan in the summertime is, in my opinion, one of the best accessories for beach days. Having some color to your complexion can give the look of a healthy flush… Continue reading Fake ‘n’ Bake: How NOT to Look Like a Cheeto