A Rapunzel Hair Story

Once upon a time, like Rapunzel, I had a mane of long, luscious hair. Then one day, I cut it all off (not Eugene). Yup. All gone. No, it wasn’t a spontaneous moment. No, I didn’t go through a breakup and needed a “change.” Honestly, I did it because I depended too much on my hair. People take hair way too seriously. Have you ever noticed that people compliment more frequently on longer hair? But never on short hair? Why can’t short hair be complimented as well? The only compliment short hair gets is, “That’s so edgy.” Yeah, I suppose it is edgy, but it’s also beautiful. I cut my hair for myself. I cut my hair to let me know that I can still be beautiful without my long locks. I’ve always envied girls who can pull off short hair. Then I thought about why I can’t be one of those girls I’ve envied. I started off with a bob.

And then, I wanted to go shorter because WHY NOT? So I went pixie and at first, I was so nervous and so scared that I wouldn’t look good with it but after surveying my friends about whether or not I should get it done, I did it. And I loved it! It was hard for me to see no hair hanging over my shoulder, or no hair to tuck behind my ear, but it challenged me. It challenged me to not hide behind my hair, to not identify myself by my hair, and to just accept myself—short hair and long. Honestly, the hardest part was how to style this new hair!


Two different styles, one stylish cut.
This cut allowed me to part it both ways. Twice the style!
This cut allowed me to part it both ways. Twice the style!

I knew I didn’t want to keep a pixie, so I let it grow out to a bob. However, growing it out was tricky; it resembled a mullet at some point, but my gal cut it for me. It took some maintenance to keep it from awkwardly growing out, but it was worth it because now, I don’t see myself going back to long hair. I tried actually to grow it past my shoulders but I was getting annoyed with the length and wanted my chic short hair back. So I cut it once more and added a balayage. I went through a lot of hair cuts and color changes.

The greatest part about this haircut was that I encouraged one other girl to do the same thing unintentionally. I’ve never met her but we’re Instagram mutuals and she also cut off her long hair into a bob then into a pixie. She told me she wanted to do it because she also had a hard time loving herself 100%.

I know a lot of girls are not into cutting their hair into a pixie cut, and that’s okay. I know some girls who cut their hair off 2 inches and regret it. Whatever makes you feel happy, you should do it. But whatever can help you become more accepting of yourself no strings attached is the greatest thing.

I made a list of of the pros/cons of short hair:

Pros of having short hair

  • You can literally say “I woke up like dis” with your cute bed head. No styling a bob. You just look ready to go always.
  • Your hair will not get caught on anything especially your zipper on your tops/dresses.
  • Your hair will not get in your food. It shouldn’t be, but it does. Don’t lie. This has happened to you.
  • It takes a shorter amount of time to blow dry your hair. Sometimes, I don’t even blow dry my hair but that volume though…

Cons of having short hair

  • Limited to styling. Miss being able to have a braid headband!
  • Having the chic messy bun
  • Not having long curls

This list is by no means me saying you all go out and cut your hair. Because, honestly, when you’re not mentally prepared for this, you will regret it and then blame me. I’m just giving a little insight on my hair journey and what I’ve learned to love. I’m going to be sporting this short bob for a good bit, that’s for sure.

Current hair right meow

Stay Audacious,



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