She Bangs

In case you don’t follow me on all social media (which you should btw) I got bangs.

I know, I know, not exactly the most drastic transformation, but for me it’s exciting! I rarely ever change anything about my appearance. My thick curly hair served as a trademark but didn’t allow for much versatility in the styling department at times.

I started straightening my hair more, and it looked nice, but I still didn’t feel as confident about my hair as I wanted to. Enter, bangs.

The bangs in question with a bold lip

I’m not saying that simply cutting off some hair has changed my life in any way, I’m just saying it was fun to shake up my beauty look. If you’re ever feeling stale, try shaking up your look in some way! Maybe a bob, new eyeliner shape, or lip color could be all you need to get out of a style rut. This fringe has definitely made putting together looks a look more fun lately!


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