I Don’t Give a F*** What You Think of my Makeup!

“I hate girls who wear makeup”

“Girls who wear a lot of makeup are like liars”

“I just like an all-natural girl”


I have had a man say all of these things to me, regardless if I was wearing makeup or not. FIRST. I just want to say that men are allowed to have opinions and preferences in what they look for in a girl. I swear, everytime I write something like this I get confused for some radical feminist seeking to castrate the male population (that’s only half true).

I saw this exchange on Facebook today while I was bored at work, and I won’t lie, it sort of made me angry:

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 7.49.14 PM

I just wanted to say that it’s okay to like wearing makeup. I love wearing makeup. Although I don’t wear it everyday, I like to be able to feel pretty when I can. Likewise, some days I don’t want to wear makeup. Some days I just want to sit around with my pizza face and watch some Netflix. Point is, do something because you like it. I really cannot stress this enough but if you’re doing anything to impress (wo)men, please stop. If they can’t accept you at face value (hah!) then they don’t deserve. You should never let anyone dictate what you do and don’t like.

The picture on the left is me without makeup, the picture on the right is me with a full face; and I look damn fine in both of them. All I’m saying is you do you, homie. So what if you like putting on too much eyeliner or “using your face like a coloring book”? This is at the crux of what it means to be an “audacious milennial” (the termed we coined here at OM to describe ourselves and our readers) — you have to be unapologetic and unafraid to show people who you really are. It’s easy to hide behind a facade of what you think people will like, but it takes balls to be you.

Take a look at this awesome post, I was inspired by this too!


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