The End of the Drug Store Queen’s Reign


Gasp! Makeup look that wasn't created by drugstore products!
Gasp! Makeup look that wasn’t created by drugstore products!

Up until recently (three days ago to be exact) I kind of considered myself the drugstore-makeup queen. Let me loose in a CVS and I could come up with a look that would wow you. Honestly, I’ve always liked drugstore makeup! The colors, the accessibility, and definitely the price made shopping for all my makeup needs a no-brainer. But just as all things come to an end, I believe it’s my time to move on.

Not really. But three days ago a Sephora opened in my area and changed the way I think about higher-end cosmetics. We’re all familiar with makeup “dupes” since they’re probably the most pinned about tagline. People are always looking for cost-effective versions of their favorite brands. What I realized is that maybe somewhere down the line, I skipped a step. I never truly allowed myself to enjoy a product with a higher price tag, perhaps out of fear of buyers remorse. So that’s why, when I went to Sephora’s opening in Charleston I went a little crazy. I spent $70 (which for me, is a small fortune) on a setting spray, a highlighter, a clay face mask, and a waterproof mascara.

I know, I know, not exactly a wild purchase. But for me, there was something liberating about taking the time to try different things, and spend time at the Beauty Bar talking to actual makeup artists and getting their opinions. It’s not like the drugstore where you look sketchy for trying to sample a shade. I felt emboldened to experiment, even if I didn’t commit right away. Obviously, the products work beautifully and are in every way worth the price tag. But price aside, there’s something wonderful about buying something a bit more luxurious for no other reason than it makes you happy. Maybe it’s just the fact that I know I’m wearing a $30 highlighter that makes me smile a little wider, or maybe it’s the lack of worrying that I got a product that might not match my skin, but my new makeup has done wonders for my self esteem.

I’m sure later I’ll do a review comparing some of my drug store favorites to my new products, but for now I’m just going to indulge in the greatest return investment:  confidence.


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