How to Meal Prep like a Boss

Hello, my health-nuts (or aspiring health-nuts, whichever)! Today, we’re going to talk about meal prepping. By now I’m sure all of you have heard the term, and with good reason, since meal prepping is one of the best ways to keep on track with all of your healthy eating goals! I’m not going to lie, it’s a very involved process and I’m only just now getting the hang of it. But, I have to say, it’s all worthwhile when I can grab my food and go without worrying about cook time or if it’s bad for me. I’ve compiled tips from my own trial and error (as well as Pinterest) to get you prepping your meals like a pro in no time. Alright, let’s dig in (pun-intended)!

Step 1

Create a chart or list of all the meals you need each week. For this, I did a chart of the week, and labeled which meal I needed and what type.  For me, the type of meal I need can change daily.  For example, on Wednesdays you might have more time to sit down and eat lunch, but maybe Friday you need something you can grab and go! This may change depending on what you’ve got going on each week, so having a calendar may be helpful. Below are examples of my categories:

Quick Breakfast, Breakfast, Lunch, Portable Lunch, Dinner, Portable Dinner, Snack, and Dessert. 

My weekly layout
My weekly layout

Step 2

Tally it up. You can see from the bottom half of the picture above how I do it. I simply count the number of each different type of meal. Easy enough!

Step 3

My meal draft for the week.
My meal draft for the week.

Now write a list, and decide what recipes you want to make for the week, based off of the number and types of meals you need this week! It’s especially important to note leftovers can count as additional meals, or count for another separate meal (like eating dinner leftovers for lunch the next day).

Step 4

Based off of your meal ideas, draft up  your grocery list and actually buy the things you said you were going to! Boom, bam it’s that easy (kind of).

What do you guys think about meal prepping? Is it a life saver, or a waste of time? Let us know in the comments below!


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