Spring Break: Staycation Edition

Hello again, guys!

Even though it might still be a bit chilly where you live, Spring Break is right around the corner! If you’re like me, you waited too long to dream up big plans for the week. So, while your pals are living it up in some tropical dreamland, you’re stuck in your city. BUT, before you start boo-hooing, sometimes a Staycation is just what the doctor ordered! Here are some ideas to help maximize your down time:

  • Take off work.  It can be tempting to skip asking for time off when you know you’re not going anywhere, but the key to an awesome break is getting to do whatever you want to do! If work isn’t one of those things, make sure you take the appropriate steps so you don’t get scheduled.
  • Make a date. There are slim odds that all of your friends are skipping town during break, so figure out which ones are staying and make plans! Bonus points if it’s a friend you haven’t spent time with in a while.
  • Explore your city. I think most of us are guilty of taking our city for granted at times! I live in Charleston, voted most beautiful city in the world for 3 years in a row, and I’ll spend days not leaving my apartment! Go outside, be a tourist, and enjoy what your city has to offer.
  • Cross something off your Bucket List. Whether you’ve been wanting to take a scuba lesson, or have been wishing you could get a mani/pedi for months, do it this week! You don’t know if you’ll have the time again, so live it up now before life gets in the way.

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