Dear Me…

Dear 16 year-old me,


You won’t believe that you’re now 21 years old, have a college degree and a full-time job. I’m writing to let you know that I think about you often, and want you to know that everything is going to be okay — even if it seems as though it isn’t. You’re going to fall in love and fall out of it. You’re going to move across the country and hate it at first, but you’ll eventually learn to love your new home. You won’t believe it, but you’ll have to sit through numerous detentions at your new school because you hate the dreadful dress code. Okay, maybe that’s not too hard to believe, but you will own khakis one day. You will make new friends and lose some friends, but, just know that you’ll find friends that will be there for you through every high and low in your life. You’ll suffer the loss of people you love, but, you’ll learn to appreciate your life more. You’ll find beauty in a sunset, those moments when the song you’re listening to perfectly matches the situation, and the simplicity of a perfect silence. You’ll end up going to college and having the time of your life. Please savor every moment of it and learn to live in the moment. You’re going to travel and fall in love with cities you never thought you would visit. Stop once in a while to take in the smells and your surroundings. Appreciate this magnificent life you’ve been given. Work hard, but not too hard that you forget to have fun. Take every opportunity you have to learn something new. Take chances, and dare to adventure. Push yourself to be the best person you can. People will tell you that you cant do things, but they’re wrong. You will achieve so much, even though there will be people who doubt you. There will be times in the next 5 years that will seem difficult, and you’ll want to give up. But I promise you that if you persevere, you will come out stronger than ever before. I guess the thing that I want to tell you most of all is to never lose your passion, and never lose sight of who you are. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something or you aren’t “enough” of something. Because you are enough, and you don’t need anyone to tell you that.

You’re going to do great things, kid.



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