Stylishly Inspired

Hey OM readers!

Inspiration is out there just waiting for you to acknowledge it. I find myself constantly excited and challenged by the things around me like music, art, books, and film. Lately, I’ve been trying to take that inspiration and let it manifest itself in the clothes I wear! Letting my outfits act like a mood ring helps me express myself and can even spark conversation with people who have similar interests. Below are some examples of things that interest/inspire me and how they translated into outfits:

Star Wars:  The Force Awakens

So this movie basically rocked my world. I loved all the characters and the story really captivated me ~but no spoilers tho~. I found myself taken the most with the outfit the lead character, Rey, wore throughout the film and I decided to dream up an outfit that I would wear if I was battling Stormtroopers on a desert planet like Jakku.

The flowing shirt is reminiscent of the thin garments needed to stay cool on such a hot planet. The boots would be useful in kicking some ass, and you can’t go wrong with straight-leg dark wash jeans to keep the look utilitarian. Bonus: a cream colored cardigan makes it non-desert weather appropriate.

The Old West


imageUnless you live in Nashville  (or have a very specific occupation) you may find it difficult to wear a Cowboy-inspired getup without being judged, or at the very least questioned by passers by. You can still tip your hat to the style you love without wearing a Nudie suit.  The outfit above was inspired by Westerns but does not require a trusty steed or even a bolo tie; a necklace will do just fine. The classic denim tuxedo is what sets the  look apart and boots, of any style, tie it all together. My favorite part of this look is the corduroy button down worn as a jacket that toughens the look even more. Yee-haw! (sorry).


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