Featured Designers: Creations That Compliment Perspective

My first post of the new year I am dedicating to all those young creative hustlers out there! Following your passion and expressing it is so important for everyone!! Artistic expressions allow your soul to sing, no matter what your creation is. This year I am going to do a feature on different rising artists and designers. Chosen designers hail from various parts of the country with contrasting daily surroundings ranging from South Carolina to New York City to Mississippi and beyond. However, despite these contrasting surroundings and individual styles, these artists celebrate similar missions of spreading positivity and outward giving by making creations to dress on your body!

I feel that your surroundings are everything. They inspire your thoughts, ideas, curiosity, and all that you take and put out into the world. Margot Keen resides in Charleston, South Carolina where she creates and sells at multiple stores in town from her collection Peachy Keen Creations. Sabrina Rose lives and creates in Brooklyn, expanding on her company The Rose Compass, offering more than just jewelry but also paintings, dvigital prints, photography and freelance modeling. Paisley Hamilton hails from Starksville, Mississippi, where she creates not only jewelry but textiles and apparel as well! Shout out to you inspiring layydieeesss!! I am so proud to call ya’ll my pals. Below showcases these talented artists and the businesses they’ve created for themselves, along with a few questions and links to their websites 🙂 Enjoy!!

a few questions i asked them:

1) From where do you make your creations?
2) Tell us about what inspires your pieces and style? Any missions or mantras that you reflect in your creations?
3) How do your surroundings, the place where you live, and the places you have been, inspire your jewelry?

Paisley Hamilton, The Serendipity Hippie

1926647_10203393603542724_5663146528768596795_n 1540340_619898561434554_8951962657850005425_o.jpg

1)  I live and create in Starkville, Mississippi. This is my hometown. I graduated locally from Mississippi State University in Design: Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising. Recently, I have returned stateside from a four month backpacking trip in South America. I have such a different perspective, dawning appreciation, and love for home. There is truly no place like it.
2) Our world is absolutely amazing. I am continuously inspired by the beauty present in everyday. There is just so much out there to love; the colors and patterns, natural beauty and balance that we are surrounded by. It is truly astonishing, the perfectness of it all. My style exists with the purpose of lifting up natural elements, patterns, color, and positive light. “Adorn & clothe your spirit. Wear with love & outward giving.”
3)  I gather nearly all of my inspiration directly from my surroundings. As an artist, one can only work endlessly and tirelessly towards creating patterns and colors so rich and beautiful as our Earth provides. Organic innocence. There is no parallel. There is no special paintbrush or pigment, pen or dye. No film can capture the beauty that is found in the present moment of now. My intention is to harness that beauty and bring this magic that I have found into the daily live’s of others; in hopes of pollinating consciousness and nourishing the spirit within.
methods of madness:

Serendipity Hippie Website 🙂

instagram-logo-transparent-background_zps6befc220 @TheSerendipityHippie

Margot Keen, Peachy Keen Creations


1. I live in Charleston, SC and do most of my crafting here. On a nice day I love to go to a park and sit under a tree or by some flowers and craft. I also craft from the comfort of my home, typically with tea, friends and good music.

2. I’m inspired by the shapes, colors, textures and patterns of our planet. I love crystals, stones and fossils. I like the idea that each one has a particular frequency and if you are drawn to it there is a reason for that. My tagline is pieces with purpose and it reflects my mission; I highlight the positive intentions of the necklaces because I want them to have that effect on people. I want people to connect with the pieces and utilize them as a reminder, inspiration, and emblem of one’s own positive energy and capabilities.

3. Charleston has a great dynamic art community so being immersed in that is inspirational in a lot of different ways. Art is always close by and comes in many different forms. Inspiration is everywhere. The art galleries, the architecture, the live music, the people and the aesthetic of the city as a whole inspire me in more ways that I probably realize because they are uplifting and a reminder of the many expressions of beauty we can experience. Traveling helps me define my taste by broadening my perspective. When I travel I really enjoy picking up rocks and collecting special items to use in my jewelry. There are so many minerals, fossils, and cultural trinkets all over the world that are unique to different places. The energy of these different places and items inspires me, and contributes to the meaning and story behind each piece.

Peachy Keen Creations Website 🙂

 instagram-logo-transparent-background_zps6befc220  @PeachyKeenCreations 

Sabrina Rose, The Rose Compass


1) I create one of a kind pieces by up-purposing old jewelry. Whether it be a lonely earring or an old necklace I can use little parts of each to create a brand new vintage / refurbished piece. I also pair these vintage findings with semi precious gemstones, adding color, texture and style to the aesthetic. I am infatuated with color and this love comes through in all of my pieces.

2) My style – the mantra I channel when creating is dainty yet deep. I like dainty and delicate jewelry with a unique twist. I’m inspired by past decades, for example the 30s,  because I love the daintiness, class & the (badass) lady-like attitude of these eras. Then paired with specific precious stones to give one different spiritual inspiration and a pop of color. Essentially, I want them to be classy yet portray a deep love for self-expression and life.

3) I am living in Brooklyn now, but I’ve moved all over the country in my mere 24 years in this world. I think this is reflected in my art because My style is versatile – you can tell it’s mine but they don’t all look the same.  I am inspired by the east- as a religious studies major I grew a great appreciation for these cultures. (specifically India although I still haven’t made it there. New York specifically has influenced me with its buzzing energy constantly inspiring me to keep creating. The heartbeat of the city makes me want to keep pushing my style into new extreme directions..we’ll see what happens next!

The Rose Compass Website 🙂

instagram-logo-transparent-background_zps6befc220 @rosecompassss



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