Goodbye Cellphone, Hello World

It’s highly likely that I’m not the only one who feels as though their phone has slowly morphed into their hand and has now become another appendage. As if feeling like I had to constantly being connected wasn’t bad enough, I have gone ahead and built a career upon that, to boot. Therefore, one of my resolutions is to say adios to my iPhone and hola to real life.

There’s nothing I hate more than sitting at dinner or hanging out at home with some friends and talking to someone who’s scrolling on their phone. It’s honestly one of the rudest things ever, although I am definitely guilty of it. Therefore, I am resolving detach myself from my phone and start to live in the moment more.

“You just graduated college, what are you going to do now?” I’m going to Harry Potter World, bitch!

I started to do so on my vacation last week, which, admittedly was quite easy since I was preoccupied with numerous activities to partake in. However, at times I still found myself constantly thinking “this would be a great picture for the ‘gram” or “I wonder how many likes that Facebook status got.” I have decided, however much I dislike it, that social media has been fully integrated into our daily lives and there’s no turning back. However, as I watched a fireworks show through my Snapchat lens, I realized just how sad it was that I felt the need to do this. Why did I feel the need to snapchat this? Why couldn’t I just watch and enjoy what was happening?


I’ve decided to do this by designating specific times to look at my phone, leaving it in another room, or simply turning it off — something I, sadly, never do. I’m not sure if it’s nostalgia or what but I can’t help but think of my childhood when we didn’t have this technology and we just needed each other.

Now, I’m trying hard to leave my phone behind and to attempt to reverse my reflex to reach for my phone each time it goes off. By creating a designated phone time, I can actively participate and pay attention to my surroundings, something that I feel that this present generation struggles with. Further, I decided to not post to social media at the present moment, but, to take a picture and post it during my designated browsing time.

I learned a lot in 2015. It was, despite all the pit falls, a great year and I had many experiences that taught me how to be a better person — as corny as that sounds. I’m looking forward to charging into 2016 and beginning a new chapter in my life as a college graduate. As scary and exciting as it is, I’m hoping to lead a fuller, more abundant life with all the lessons I’ve learned in the previous year.


Who do you aspire to be in 2016?


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