Rethinking Your New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year, OM readers!

While the beginning of a new year is always a good time for reflection, I also think it’s important to set your gaze forward and start making plans for the next 365 days. That’s why I still make New Year’s Resolutions. Now, before you roll your eyes,  I am fully aware that the idea of making Resolutions has fallen out of popular culture as of late. I’ve read plenty of articles knocking them and claiming their ineffectiveness but I think the fault lies more in the creator, than the Resolutions themselves.  A carefully crafted list of resolutions could be the difference between having a good year and a great year.

Re-Think Your Resolutions

  • The most important step you can take towards making your resolutions more effective is to write them down. You’re likely to forget them or not hold yourself to them if you don’t.
  • Put the Resolutions in a highly visible place. Preferably, somewhere you could see them every day as a constant reminder of your aspirations.
  • Set goals you can actually achieve. No, you probably won’t work out for three hours every day so if that’s on your list, feel free to cross that one out. Be realistic with your goals and give yourself some slack.
  • You can’t do it all. If your list of resolutions is 3 pages long, maybe you need to downsize a bit. Just pick a few things that are important and achievable. You’ll feel much more accomplished at the end of the year if you completed all 4 of your goals, instead of only achieving 7 out of 25.

Writing Resolutions Isn’t A Contract

No one is perfect and a year is quite a long time. Naturally, you may have slip ups but beating yourself up about them is probably the worst thing you could do in terms of keeping up with your goals. Instead, embrace the bumps in the road as part of the journey, but know that nothing can stop you if you don’t let it.


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