Personalizing Parts of Your Routine


Regardless of one’s morning drink of choice, I think its safe to state that we all gravitate to a favorite mug. Whether it’s a mug, a glass jar, or a huge plastic souvenir cup, you feel awesome when you wake up and fill up that glass with your favorite beverage. Coffee, tea, water, whatever!! That mug is YOUR mug and it feels great in your hands.

Over the years, I have become more accustomed to waking up and instantly making coffee. I now have an assortment of my favorite mugs that I look forward to spending some time with before starting my day. It is a special feeling when finding and adopting a mug that you feel suits you! It might sound silly but if you tweak the aesthetic of a daily routine to be visually pleasing, it really does have an effect on your choices throughout the day. If you are inspired by something as small as the cup you drink out of, imagine what else will strike your eye that day.

The little things have a huge impact and like I have said before, details are everything!! Personalizing things have such a huge impact on your mind, body, and soul that should be embraced!! Oh, and it is also a blast going to pottery shops and finding unique pieces and meeting the artist who created them as well.

Here are some visual examples of what I am talking abooouttt!!!


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