Precious Moments: Dior in the Trash



Recently Alex, Tyler and I found a collection of books on the side of the curb. They were aimlessly tossed into a box next to our neighbors garbage can, ready to be thrown away. It seemed such a shame that anyone would throw away books at all, rather than donate them; but that didn’t deter our excitement for this unexpected gift. Of course most of them had incurred the wrath of Charleston’s inclement and unpredictable weather, but we were able to save one book each that had mysteriously kept dry despite the others.


But still, I couldn’t help but relate to the former owner of the books. For the past two weeks or so, I’ve undertaken a spacial cleansing. I am a self admitted hoarder of useless objects; not because I want junk in my life, but because I often have a tendency to associate sentimental value with things that don’t really have any. For example,”Oh, I’d better hang onto my Abercrombie and Fitch employee card. I’ll look back on it one day and be able to reminisce.” Plot twist: I neither wear A&F any longer, nor did I even like working there. In an effort to create space in my life, I’ve found it ultra necessary to get rid of things I no longer have a purpose for. To donate my unworn and unwanted clothes, to untag pictures on Facebook with strangers, to throw anything away with “bad juju”, etc. etc. I would like to imagine that the owner of the books threw them away for a similar reason.

Oddly enough, the books we chose are nearly perfect complements to our personalities. Tyler’s enthusiasm for Russian authors was found in a copy of Anna Karenina; Alex, on her way to becoming the next #GirlBoss, picked up one of Chelsea Handler’s autobiographical novels; I found Christian Dior’s dictionary guide to style. Most people would write this off as a coincidence, but considering the timing I felt inclined to take the book. I felt something magical holding it in my hands. But why would I want or need someone else’s trash when I am in the process of throwing my own things away?


My theories on the Universe and energy deserve their own post respectively, but in short: I believe that we are presented with choices in life. We develop skills, habits, tastes, among other things based on what we surround ourselves with in our respective space. Space itself can be understood as the literal physical surroundings or a space in a metaphysical sense, such as your “space” on the internet (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter profiles, etc.). So for example, someone who is interested in French culture may fill their space with books about France, pictures of the Eiffel tower on their walls, follow French Vogue‘s Instagram account… you get the idea. The things, people, ideas, and inspiration we surround ourselves with aid us in making these choices because they create a definitive path to our ultimate goals. So if you’re interested in traveling to France, you might have these books on France available to you in your space in an effort to learn more about the culture. This effectively makes you prepared (granted you’ve read them) to take a trip to France should you choose to do so in the future. Basically, we can make these opportunities and choices available to ourselves.

When we overload our spaces with (for lack of a better word) junk, it clouds our judgement and can oftentimes distract our focus from what is really important to us. If we have a bunch of stuff cluttering our space, we’re basically telling the Universe: “Oh, I already have everything I need. Thanks though.” If you tell the Universe you already have everything, it becomes very difficult for new ideas and inspiration to come into your life and bring positive changes. In other words, having a million different things surrounding you from your past this can hold you back from making decisions for the future; however, I don’t mean to say that you should throw away everything from your past in order to make room for the future. Rather, you have to evaluate these objects of inspiration for their purpose to you in the given moment by asking yourself things like: “Do I still like this?”, “Will I actually use this again?”, “Do I have a purpose for it?” and so on. In my case when I came across objects like my Abercrombie and Fitch employee card, it became evident to me that these were just reminders from my past clouding my judgement for the present and ultimately where I want to be in the future. I will be an actor, not a retail slave.

A piece of advice related to this I was given recently was to ask yourself when you wake up each morning: “Where have I been? Who am I now? Where am I going?” The answers to the first two questions will lead you to the answer for the third. By clearing out objects that no longer have a definitive purpose in your life, you are able to figure out what from your past makes you who you are today. Whatever you carry with you today will lead you to the future. Ultimately, having a clear and copacetic space says to the Universe:

“I am ready to accept something new.”

To bring the story full circle, I think by cleansing my spaces of old and unwanted junk, I made a choice to allow new forms of inspiration to come into my life. Finding Dior’s style dictionary reminded me of how much I love fashion and the art of dressing well; putting extra effort into my style makes me feel confident and self-assured. I believe that the coincidence of finding that book in particular was the Universe reminding me of something I sort of let fall to the wayside while I was overly concerned with post graduate plans. Being super anxious about the future stood in the way of allowing myself to enjoy what I truly love: being in the theatre, appreciating the art of dressing well, taking photos, among other things. Finding the book was a reminder of where I’ve been and something that still continues to influence my life presently. I think by revitalizing my love of fashion and style, I am able to bridge the gap between my past and present, creating a gateway for who I want to be in the future: someone who is an inspiration for others. Ultimately, the Audacious Millennial I believe so wholeheartedly in.  


To conclude, I encourage everyone to do a little space clearing. It is so therapeutic to get rid of old things clogging your inspiration. You may find that you have developed new interests that you didn’t even know you had!

Stay beautiful. Stay audacious.

Xoxo, Thomas


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