Get to Know Us!

Hey there, OM Readers! Did you miss us as much as we missed you? We are so excited to be back, but so much has changed since we first started this blog about a year ago. We’ve all grown, learned, and lived a little bit this past year so we wanted to reintroduce ourselves. Keep reading to get reacquainted with the OM writers you all know and love!


Alex Jones

IMG_4211Content Editor/Reigning Twitter Queen

Alex owns 20 shades of lipstick and has an adorable puppy that slightly resembles a potato. Her role in the blog pertains to editing the content and design of the website, slaying the Twitter game, as well as being the resident Kardashian and Tinderella. She genuinely believes in the OM Lifestyle, being authentically and unapologetically yourself, and writes about living that life. Far from perfect, living the OM mantra means accepting those flaws and making them your strengths. Her favorite mantra is: “sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched.” —Mindy Kaling


Thomas Roberston

IMG_4215Visual Editor/ Instagram Champion

Thomas is in charge of photo management here on the blog. In addition to streamlining blog photos and our Instagram account, he also contributes posts concerning men’s fashion, skin care tips, and living a positive lifestyle. While Thomas hopes to be a film actor one day, he knows that fashion will always be a constant in his life. Thomas believes in something he calls an “iconographic style”: devoting yourself to an image that is unmistakably your own. He believes that sometimes playing up what you think is weird or different can actually turn out to be extraordinary and “iconographic”. His own approach to style has been accurately dubbed Vampire Chic. “I always used to hate being nearly translucent, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve found that it makes me unique. Now I can throw on a black leather jacket and feel like a badass anytime!” Thomas believes that by developing a specific personal style will make fashion a fun experience instead of an arduous choice in the morning; its what the Audacious Lifestyle is all about! Find him on Twitter and Instagram.

Tyler Brockington 

IMG_4209Public Relations/ “Martha-Stewart Maven”

Tyler is a 70-year old woman stuck in a 20-something’s body. her role in the blog involves reaching out to readers, other bloggers, as well as the general Charleston community. She likes to play secretary at all the meetings and making lists is one of her Top 5 favorite things. She embraces the audacity that she’s developed writing for OM and tries to apply it in all other aspects of her life. She tends to write about life-hacks, advice pieces, with the occasional tutorial thrown in (all in list form of course). She prides herself on her vintage inspired, body-conscious(positive) style that tends to stand out in a sea of Sperry’s.

Anna Todisco

IMG_4205Street Style Coordinator/ Clothing Creator

Anna is a native of North Jersey but has lived in Charleston for the past four and a half years. She’s always been interested in music, fashion, art, and creating but over the years she’s broadened her horizons to the world of sewing, costume design, and theatre during her studies at the College of Charleston. She loves traveling, and gathering new sights, ideas, and inspirations! Her posts focus on street style and lifestyle and how to make the two reflect each other. She’s like a spiritual guru you can go out for drinks with.

P.S. Don’t forget to check our ‘Our Mission’ page and look at our updated mission statement!


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