Rethinking Your New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year, OM readers! While the beginning of a new year is always a good time for reflection, I also think it’s important to set your gaze forward and start making plans for the next 365 days. That’s why I still make New Year’s Resolutions. Now, before you roll your eyes,  I am fully… Continue reading Rethinking Your New Years Resolutions

Precious Moments: Dior in the Trash

    Recently Alex, Tyler and I found a collection of books on the side of the curb. They were aimlessly tossed into a box next to our neighbors garbage can, ready to be thrown away. It seemed such a shame that anyone would throw away books at all, rather than donate them; but that didn’t deter our… Continue reading Precious Moments: Dior in the Trash

An Open Letter to All My Single Ladies

I’ve seen a lot of articles posted by friends on Facebook and other social media channels with titles such as: “10 Reasons Why You’re Single” or “You’re Single Because ______” and all I have to say is STOP POSTING THESE. Get ready for some tough love, because you’re about to get it. You’re not an… Continue reading An Open Letter to All My Single Ladies