Home Feels: DIY Wallpaper

When moving into new places, especially as a college student, you come across some spaces that require some creativity to make your own. I recently moved into a new home, and one of the walls is covered with nail holes. Tired of the white wall, and in an attempt to cover up the holes, I tried to drape some fabric on the wall, with art hanging on top of it. However, the texture of the fabric was not aesthetically pleasing. After making a trip to the art store, I came across a variety of Shizen paper. Shizen paper is handmade in India and is made out of 100% recycled materials. These factors affect the paper’s color and texture! This paper is so unique from others, serving as a piece of art or a perfect wallpaper to hang art, posters, or whatever you like over it. A great part about mounting Shizen paper on your wall is that if you get sick of it, you can take it down and use it for something from wrapping paper or to incorporating it in your craft of choice! Visual examples to follow 🙂



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