Dealing with Writer’s Block

Hey y’all! So it’s the middle of the semester and it feels like every week I’m being asked to write essays, poetry (for my poetry class obvi), even writing posts for OM! Sometimes it feels like people expect me to be a wealth of ideas and eloquence, but that just isn’t the case. Writer’s block… Continue reading Dealing with Writer’s Block

Confessions of a Tinderella Part 4: Back at it Again

Did you really think it was over? It’s never over. Yes, your favorite serial online dater is back with yet another installment of “Confessions of a Tinderella” and this one is brimming with false hope and disappointment – for your reading pleasure! My latest dalliance with Tinder started over the summer. I was working a… Continue reading Confessions of a Tinderella Part 4: Back at it Again

Home Feels: DIY Wallpaper

When moving into new places, especially as a college student, you come across some spaces that require some creativity to make your own. I recently moved into a new home, and one of the walls is covered with nail holes. Tired of the white wall, and in an attempt to cover up the holes, I… Continue reading Home Feels: DIY Wallpaper