A Story of a Necklace and a Communist Government

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I wear the same necklace every day. It’s not because this necklace is especially pretty or anything, but it’s what the necklace represents that makes me want to wear it every day. So, as everyone loves a good story, I decided to dedicate my blog post today to this necklace with a special meaning.

My mom gave me this necklace, and the story that comes with it, about a year ago. Since then, I haven’t taken it off.

Our story begins in the 1950’s in then Yugoslavia, now Serbia, where my grandmother found herself in a predicament. She was married to an abusive husband and had a young child. Since the Yugoslavian government at the time refused her a divorce of her marriage, she had to run. Unfortunately, she had to leave her son (my uncle) behind as she sought refuge in the Austrian Alps. So basically, my grandmother was Maria VonTrapp sans a boatload of kids and Nazis.

Anyway, my grandmother had her sights set on America, but America wasn’t too keen about her (during the Red Scare, I don’t think we were too thrilled about immigrants from Eastern Europe). So, she had two options: Canada or Austrailia. This decision, believe it or not, decided my future. If she had decided to go to Austrailia, she would have never met my Grandfather.

Of course, she chose Canada and met my Grandfather in that process. Eventually, they were able to immigrate to America and settle down in a little town called Midland, PA. The rest is history.

Anyway, this necklace is significant because it was her lucky charm and she never took it off. Sure, it’s nothing special or anything but I like what it stands for. When I wear it I am reminded that I come from a long line of strong, powerful women (on both my mother and father’s side). It reminds me that no matter how hard anything gets, I know that even though some may not be with us anymore, they’ll always have my back.

On that note, I would like to add that today is a very solemn day for all Americans. We should be reminded that today we are all Americans, first and foremost and not standing united makes us seem weak. I feel that at this point and time, more so than I have ever experienced, we are a nation divided. In order for anything to get better, we must respect and love one another.


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