DIY Inspiration: Floral Surroundings


Okay so pointing out the obvious, flowers are incredible. They grow to be different in shape, size, color and scent; ALSO not to mention they come from the ground! After buying flowers for my home a few years ago, just because, I realized how nice of a touch they add to a room! Flowers are lovely. It is also fun to switch up the flowers in your home! Depending on mood and season, it is fun to try out different combinations or themes. I love experimenting with different vases too. Old bottles, jars, vases, cups, anything can be a home to some flowas. Not only does it affect your mood, it also adds an accent of color and feeling to a space. In fact, studies have shown that flowers have a positive impact on emotional health! Flowers trigger happy emotions! After diving into this hobby, I started working at a flower shop and learned a lot to help my arrangements I make in my spare time.

So first! Make sure your vase (or vases) is almost filled to the top with water. Flowers are thirsty! Pick off the leaves so there are none in the water; they create bacteria! Next cut your stems at different heights. However, make sure you don’t cut off too much! Ya can’t get that back! Adding greenery to a floral arrangement allows you to steadily place each stem exactly how you want it. Greenery adds a natural and beautiful touch. It is also fun experimenting with different greeneries. Recently I have been using eucalyptus. I like the shape of the different leaves and the eucalyptus scent is also awesome.

Here are some pix as inspiration for your own homieee bouquets!




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