Fashion Tips: The Wonders of Fabric Paint & Recycled Denim


In the midst of trying to downsize your wardrobe, you come across pieces that you know have great potential, but require some reworking. Denim serves as a great canvas to pick up some fabric paint, and make an old piece, funky and unique! I know some people will say that they can’t paint but there is really so much you can do with different shapes of garments matched with different types of fabric paint. From denim jackets, vests, dresses, or jumpers, to shorts and even denim or canvas sneakers! You can really push your creativity and not necessarily paint a design or symbol, but even change colors, add dots, stripes, whatever inspires you! Fabric paint (along with leather paint, which is cheap and AWESOME) can allow you to take something old and alter it, creating a new piece, saving money, making it one of a kind, and enabling you to be able to say “i made it!” I took a bunch of old denim shorts, purchased some metallic fabric paint at Blick (I got 4 different ones, of the blue and yellow families, the brand is called Lumiere), and had some fun with these. Here are my visual examples, hopefully inspiring ya’ll to take the paintbrush to your clothes as well!




One thought on “Fashion Tips: The Wonders of Fabric Paint & Recycled Denim

  1. The fabric paints, which are excellent in quality and features, can truly spread the wonder. When it comes to recycling the stuffs like, they create amazing result. Nice details. Cheers!


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