Natural Hair Series: Curly Hair Hacks

Hi there, and welcome to another installment of our Natural Hair series! Summer is in full swing and I know you’re all feeling it. Sweltering temperatures above 100 degrees daily, humidity, thunderstorms! What’s a curly girl to do? Fear not. My general laziness has prompted me to come up with some hacks for dealing with curly hair in the summer so you can still look cute without breaking a sweat (any more than you already are).

  • Wash your hair in braids. This is perfect for when you know you need to wash your hair but for whatever reason you don’t feel like it. Just part the hair in 4-8 parts (more braids= better wash) and braid each section. When I’m really in a rush I just make two giant french braids. Now, hop in the shower and wash and condition your hair as normal, just keep the braids in tact. That’s it! Bonus points for leaving the braids in until they dry and getting sexy waves when you take them out.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of the headband. Okay, I never see people wearing headbands anymore these days and it’s kind of bumming me out because I love them. The best thing about a summer headband is that it doubles as a sweatband! If you know you’re gonna be out and about all day, slick on one of those bad boys and you won’t have to sweat the small stuff. (Too many sweat puns? Okay.)
  • Put down the diffuser. Summer is the perfect time of year to let the air do the work for you! Stop blowdrying for a few months and air dry your hair after washing. With the intense heat it shouldn’t take long, and your hair will thank you later. Just be wary of extra humid or rainy days. So not your friend.

I hope this helps! Summer with thick hair can be a pain, but keep your heads up curlies! Only a few more months until fall….


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