Looks We Love: Euro Sportswear

While I was in Europe this Summer, I spent the majority of my time trying to adopt various cultural aspects of the people around me. One of the biggest influences Europeans had on me was, of course, style. Although I only had the opportunity to visit two different countries (Italy and Holland), there was definitely a consensus in… Continue reading Looks We Love: Euro Sportswear

Cutting Out Negativity

Hey guys, So, today I wanted to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a few weeks now. I’ve begun to notice that quite a few of the people I surround myself with and call friends aren’t always the best influences on me. I’m beginning to realize that the people I surround myself… Continue reading Cutting Out Negativity

6 Things to do When Your Internship Ends

Some call me the internship queen: I’ve interned at 4 companies over the course of my college career. Perhaps I’m a workaholic or perhaps I’m petrified over the fact that it’s highly likely that I’ll be stuck with a degree in Communication this December and have no job offers. My anxieties aside, I’ve done a… Continue reading 6 Things to do When Your Internship Ends

Tutorial: The New STROBING Trend!

Hey, Outré loves! I hate to disappoint you if you’ve finally perfected chiseling your mug, because I have some bad news: Contouring is OUT, and Strobing is IN! Just as quickly as the contouring and highlighting trend exploded on the scene a few years ago, recent make up trends have departed drastically from the heavy matte… Continue reading Tutorial: The New STROBING Trend!

Fashion Tips: The Wonders of Fabric Paint & Recycled Denim

In the midst of trying to downsize your wardrobe, you come across pieces that you know have great potential, but require some reworking. Denim serves as a great canvas to pick up some fabric paint, and make an old piece, funky and unique! I know some people will say that they can’t paint but there… Continue reading Fashion Tips: The Wonders of Fabric Paint & Recycled Denim

Natural Hair Series: Curly Hair Hacks

Hi there, and welcome to another installment of our Natural Hair series! Summer is in full swing and I know you’re all feeling it. Sweltering temperatures above 100 degrees daily, humidity, thunderstorms! What’s a curly girl to do? Fear not. My general laziness has prompted me to come up with some hacks for dealing with… Continue reading Natural Hair Series: Curly Hair Hacks

Fake ‘n’ Bake: How NOT to Look Like a Cheeto

Surfs up OM Readers! And with the summer days dwindling away, the express obligation to hit the beach is constantly hounding us to oblige. Having a tan in the summertime is, in my opinion, one of the best accessories for beach days. Having some color to your complexion can give the look of a healthy flush… Continue reading Fake ‘n’ Bake: How NOT to Look Like a Cheeto