Product Review: LUSH Caca Noir Henna Hair Color

Last week, I was in the mood for a drastic change. I’ve been thinking about dying my hair super dark for a long time and it seemed high time that I do it. I was always apprehensive to dye my hair because I didn’t want to harm my hair with harsh chemicals and did not have the money for proper upkeep. So, I was super stoked to hear about henna hair dye, an all-natural alternative to traditional chemical dyes.

The Alleged Snap

I bought “Caca Noir” from LUSH cosmetics in hopes of achieving a raven black (blue-black) color. I even bought some new makeup for my new fierce look. I also told all of Snapchat about my excitement, see below:So first, you have to chop up the henna block in pieces so that it’s easier to melt. Then, this is where I had trouble, the instructions tell you to double boil it (the pot on top of a boiling pot of water) and let it melt that way. However after further research, I learned that people were boiling water and pouring it on top of the blocks in order to melt it.

Nevertheless, this stuff smells AWFUL and will make your hair smell while you cook it. The instructions also said that the mixture should resemble brownie batter when it’s finished, this is what mine looked like:

Please Excuse My Dirty Kitchen!

With Thomas’ help, we spread the tar-poop-like concoction throughout my hair and let it marinate for 3 hours. Then, I had to wash it out in the shower (which took FOREVER). Then, I went to bed with sweet dreams of raven-black Kardashian hair.

I must’ve done something wrong because my hair was not black, but a slightly darker brown than before. Although I have to say that this was a great hair mask and my hair was super moisturized. Therefore, a long 4 hour process, a dirty kitchen and 28 dollars later, I would have to say that I am disappointed in this product.

Sadly, I would not recommend this to anyone seeking to change their hair color. If you have tried this product before and have been successful, please let me know!



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