Fashion Tips: Beach Trends on Location


Ciao! Hola! Hallo! HEY! So I have been doing some traveling the past month or so. It is really interesting to see international trends and styles. While of course every country and city has different quirks that differentiate their styles, there are common aspects that cannot really be described, but stand out to one’s eye. Styles within an outfit such as wearing black and white, all black, or a mix of masculine and feminine, are visibly altered depending on where you are in the world. However, common international trends connect different cultural styles while always worn in unique and individual ways.

A huge trend I noticed in seaside neighborhood of Barceloneta was the return of Adidas Slides! Named by Adidas as the Adilette, a shoe that was designed and created in 1963, originally intended to be worn in the locker room, is now returning to the feet of  ton’s of stylish men and women worldwide. Girls in floral dresses, or in all one shade of black or white, rocked these sandals! Not only do they go with everything but they are suupper comfy and add an old school, sporty kick to a beachy outfit.

Another trend I noticed was unisex platform sneakers! Within the past year or two we have seen platform sneakers make a return. From solid colors, to pattern printed ones, platform sneakers have definitely found its way back onto many young women’s feet. However, I noticed a lot of men wearing them as well! And they look AWESOME!! (See pic below). Unisex platforms. Why not???

Here are some visual, inspiring examples taken in Barcelona, España!





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