Looks We Love

Hey guys! This is a new series called Looks We Love where we want to show you all of our favorite makeup looks of the moment, and there’s no better model to show them off than ourselves! So, today I wanted to show you guys this look that I’ve been wearing a lot recently. It’s pretty simple in terms of eye makeup and very cute! I have naturally very large round eyes and they’re one of my favorite features so I love to play them up whenever I can! I was inspired by this video by one of my favorite youtubers ItsMyRayeRaye and I recreated the look here. No tutorial necessary just simply take a black liner and place a dot in the center of your bottom lash line on each eye. That’s it!



This look is focused on the eyes and giving them a more doe-eyed appearance. I know it seems out there, but this look isn’t hard to pull off at all, in fact, it’s a downright easy! The best thing about this look is that you can vary the size of the dots, from subtly sexy to attention grabbing! I like to keep mine pretty small which makes this look super wearable.


Let us know what you think in the comments below, would you ever try this makeup look?


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