Fashion Tips: Summer Stylez Part 1


Happy Summer Solstice Ya’ll!! As we all know, with the summertime comes traveling, relaxing, beaching, and everything in between. We always go into the summertime with ideas, hopes, and the drive to make everything we want to happen, happen! And with the new season, comes new summertime outfits! White pieces, holey sweaters, bathing suits under everything, flowy tops, skirts, and dresses. I loooooveee experimenting with different combinations and mixing chic pieces with lackadaisical touches. Something I am focusing on in this post are blends of neutrals with pops of color. Here are some visual examples, styled and shot by myself and modeled by my homegirls Sabrina and Sofia. These pieces came from various thrift stores, Brandy Mellville, bathing suits from Target and Victoria’s Secret, and mine and other’s closets. I love how you can find different versions of pieces and create your own look from something that you saw and inspired you! Stay tuned for more on Beach Style with shots of stylish folks that I came across on the beaches of Barcelona and Italia. But first!! Check this out 😉



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