Fashion Tips On Location: BERLIN Street Style


For the past four months I have been living and studying in Berlin, Germany. A place that was once divided for almost 30 years, now filled with young artists, musicians, and migrants from all over. After months of observing and experimenting with new styles I’ve seen around me, I can confidently say that Berlin street style has it goin onnnn. Sneakers, tights, loose clothing, fanny packs, chunky sweaters, all black or vibrant bursts of colors, you see a perfectly executed blend of both by just walking down the street or hopping on the U-bahn (metro). A friend of mine here, Andrew Gelwicks and I worked together to curate and style a photoshoot for a final project on our interpretation of Berlin street fashion. He took the pix and my BFF and jewelry designer Sabrina Gutknecht ( modeled aaannnddd here is the outcome! Our visual interpretation of Berlin street style was shot on the streets, parks, and little corners of Berrrrlinnnn!! Chosen pieces in this shoot are from various thrift stores and Mauer Park (the huge weekly flea market) in Berlin and then from mine or Sabrina’s suitcases. The photographs were taken by Andrew Gelwicks (@andrewgelwicks on instagram!) and looks were styled by him and I. The results were not only aimed to represent Berlin street style but also to create inspiration. All of these elements and details visible in Berlin fashion can be added and tweak anyone’s outfit. After all, less is more am i riiiighttt?? (well and then some)


IMG_0671IMG_0480 IMG_0629IMG_1659IMG_1121IMG_0237IMG_0423 IMG_1281IMG_1378   IMG_0276  IMG_0318IMG_0524IMG_1072IMG_1426IMG_1826IMG_2538  IMG_1335IMG_0800IMG_0326IMG_2372IMG_0935


Shot by Andrew Gelwicks


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