Lost and Found in the Umbrian Labyrinth

I’m back, Outré loves! As most of you know, I had the incredible opportunity to spend a month abroad in Spoleto, Italy. I took part in one of College of Charleston’s study abroad programs through the English Department; with Professor Bret Lott leading the excursion, and Dr. John Bruns assisting, sixteen other students and I… Continue reading Lost and Found in the Umbrian Labyrinth

Create Your Own Fashion Uniform

Hello again, everyone! I want to talk to you guys about an idea that’s been bouncing around my head lately:  uniforms. I never went to a school where I was required to wear one, but I was always fascinated when I saw schools that had them. I kept wondering how much simpler my life would be… Continue reading Create Your Own Fashion Uniform

Fashion Tips: Summer Stylez Part 1

Happy Summer Solstice Ya’ll!! As we all know, with the summertime comes traveling, relaxing, beaching, and everything in between. We always go into the summertime with ideas, hopes, and the drive to make everything we want to happen, happen! And with the new season, comes new summertime outfits! White pieces, holey sweaters, bathing suits under everything,… Continue reading Fashion Tips: Summer Stylez Part 1

Fashion Tips On Location: BERLIN Street Style

For the past four months I have been living and studying in Berlin, Germany. A place that was once divided for almost 30 years, now filled with young artists, musicians, and migrants from all over. After months of observing and experimenting with new styles I’ve seen around me, I can confidently say that Berlin street… Continue reading Fashion Tips On Location: BERLIN Street Style

Natural Hair Series: Curly Updo

Hola everyone! Summer is finally in full swing, and the heat is blazing. If you have thick, curly hair like me you understand that summertime can be a natural’s worst enemy. Humidity, frizz, and sweat all work to turn your mane into a big mess! Luckily, there is a style that skips all the nonsense… Continue reading Natural Hair Series: Curly Updo