Fashion Tips: The Detail Series Pt. 2


Details details details. Today I am focussing on another element of detail in one’s everyday outfits. Earrings! Earrings are really cool. They are worn internationally and have been apart of history for centuries. Like since Jesus’ time. Yeah. So anyways, whether you have one hole, holes up and down your ears, or none at all (clip ons), you can always change up the lengths, type, and color of your earrings and blend different ones together. Experimenting with your earrings is really fun and they get a nice display because people look at your face! Wearing different lengths of dangling earrings is a funky touch that is fun with two or more holes on each ear. Even earrings that don’t seem like your style at first can be played up by pairing them with a fun different pair or even just one earring of a pair! Here are some visual examples

IMG_0636   IMG_0614   IMG_0623  IMG_0618 IMG_0620  IMG_0621  IMG_1934           IMG_6816


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