Fashion Tips: The Details Series


The details in one’s outfit are very important. Details are fun and also makes you happy when people notice your details! Details can range tremendously and they are really fun to play with. Each day you could have a different type of detail whether it is tying up your shirt or wearing a cool strip of fabric you pick up somewhere as a bracelet. The options of creative ways one can play up their details are endless. One of my favorite details are SOCKS. Socks are great. Not only do they keep you warm and cozy but they can add something to every outfit. Any kind of socks can take a basic outfit and add a twist!

These minor details go a long way in proving truth to the saying “less is more”. There are people whom appreciate and participate in going all out on bold clothing compared to those whom appreciate and enter accents of outlandish fashion through detail in their outfits. One great thing about being particular and specific to detail in your everyday clothing is that it enables you to be open to change in your style. For example, you can be really into wearing a bunch of bracelets for months. Maybe specifically gold and some beaded bracelets with turquoise or a dope string bracelet you got while on a travel or from a pal. Each piece has a story behind it and the detail of what is on your body coincides with the details going on in your life during that time. Details and accents are fun! They allow you to have a specific memory with those things you chose to wear.

Particularly, SOCKS. Socks are awesome. Socks are warm. Socks come in different colors. Socks come in different textures. Socks look cute with sneakers. Socks look good with boots. Socks say something. Socks should be played UP. You can pull them up, or you can scrunch em down. Ankle socks, knee socks, thigh highs! You can do em all!! Socks can pull your outfit together. If you are ever in the dressing room and you’re like “hmmm how can I make this dress work” you should remind yourself of those fun Huf thick socks you got with your [adidas, nikes, vans, ankle boots, birkenstocks, etc.]. Socks can allow you to add any brand name to your ensemble or can allow you to take a structured outfit to looking comfy and relaxed. Especially if you are one to keep things simple in your everyday outfits, socks can give you that little bit of expression! You get the best of both worlds! You are comfy, you look cute, and your special socks get the recognition they deserve. Okay well, here are some pix:

IMG_9923 IMG_9934 IMG_9937 IMG_9984 IMG_0026 IMG_9930IMG_0069 IMG_5242 IMG_5602



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