Life Tips: Treat Yo’ Self Edition

Hola everyone!

I want to talk to you guys about the best day of the year:  Treat Yo’ Self day (and yes, I got that from Parks and Rec). I think people supremely underestimate the power of treating themselves every once and a while. Me and my friends have a standing date once every semester where we go shopping, get our nails done, grab coffee–pretty much whatever we want! Here are some tips on how you can get the most out of your Treat Yo’ Self day.

  1. Set a date and stick to it. Planning a month or more in advance can really help with this so that you can take off work, save up money, or whatever you have to do so that your day goes smoothly. This tip is especially important if you plan on spending your day with other people!
  2. Clear your schedule. If you know you have an assignment due on the day of, or the day after your Treat Yo’ self day, don’t wait to do it! Be proactive, and get your work done early so that you can totally relax all day.
  3. Don’t over due it! Since you’re already devoting an entire day to doing and buying anything you want, make sure you’re being more conscious about your spending every other day. I know, it’s temping buy that bag in a bunch of different colors, but buyer’s remorse is a real thing and it’s not fun.

And just for fun, here’s a picture of me on my last Treat Yo’ Self day with my friend McCathern!



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