How to be Corporate Chic

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a workaholic. I believe and enjoy being (mostly – I do ask for help from mom and dad sometimes) financially independent and achieving my goals. It’s just how I was raised and it’s the lifestyle that I chose. But one huge problem for me was going from working… Continue reading How to be Corporate Chic

Fashion Tips: The Detail Series Pt. 2

Details details details. Today I am focussing on another element of detail in one’s everyday outfits. Earrings! Earrings are really cool. They are worn internationally and have been apart of history for centuries. Like since Jesus’ time. Yeah. So anyways, whether you have one hole, holes up and down your ears, or none at all… Continue reading Fashion Tips: The Detail Series Pt. 2

FOMO: It’s What’s For Dinner

We’re the generation that has, unfortunately, been plagued with a constant feeling of missing out. We’ve all been there: that night in you were once so enthused about was instantaneously ruined as soon as you checked your Snapchat stories or how you scroll through Facebook after a long day at work and see everyone’s awesome… Continue reading FOMO: It’s What’s For Dinner

Fashion Tips: The Details Series

The details in one’s outfit are very important. Details are fun and also makes you happy when people notice your details! Details can range tremendously and they are really fun to play with. Each day you could have a different type of detail whether it is tying up your shirt or wearing a cool strip… Continue reading Fashion Tips: The Details Series

Fashion Tips: How to Get Raped

I’ve seen many articles lately like: “5-year-old gets kicked out of school for risqué sundress” or “Conservative wife stops wearing leggings to uphold Husband’s honor” or “rape victim’s skirt too short.” This got me thinking: wouldn’t it be great if someone made a list of things I shouldn’t wear so I can be revered in… Continue reading Fashion Tips: How to Get Raped

Life Tips: Treat Yo’ Self Edition

Hola everyone! I want to talk to you guys about the best day of the year:  Treat Yo’ Self day (and yes, I got that from Parks and Rec). I think people supremely underestimate the power of treating themselves every once and a while. Me and my friends have a standing date once every semester… Continue reading Life Tips: Treat Yo’ Self Edition