Natural Hair Series: Protective Styling

Hello Naturalistas!

So today, I want to talk you about protective styling your hair! Protective styling is a really important part of your hair regimen and aids in retaining the length and health of your hair. These following styles work on any hair type, but work best on curly hair.They’re are also perfect for any bad hair days!


imageThis style used to be my trade-mark! There’s no easier style that makes your hair look as cute in such little time! All I do is pile my hair on top of my head, making my grip is taught, then I twist the hair around itself until it make a doughnut shape. Then, I grab a hair tie and (while still holding the bun) secure it. Finally, I gently tease and reshape the hair to make sure the bun is relatively neat and symmetrical. And that’s it!



image   image

This style is super cute and casual! It’s perfect for days when I want to look cute, but don’t feel like having my hair fall in my face. All I did to create this style was part my hair in the center and then carefully twists the front pieces towards the nape of your neck (adding hair as you go).Then just grab a hair tie and secure the rest of your hair into a bun or a ponytail where you stopped twisting. If you don’t want a ponytail, you can bobby-pin the twists down for a make-shift headband!

image   image

This last style is definitely my favorite. For the bang, take a front section of hair and using both hands, roll it under itself until you reach the scalp, then bobby pin and shape the bangs as needed. Then all you have to do is put the rest of the hair in a bun and you’re ready to go! A cute, vintage style that looks good with any outfit.


Let us know what you think, if you would try any of these styles!


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