Confessions of a Tinderfella

As a prelude to Confessions of a Tinderella pt. 3, one of my Tinder matches asked to write a blog post for us. I was pretty intrigued to see a guy’s perspective of Tinder so of course, I obliged. And in the spirit of good journalism, I do like a balanced story. So, I bring you Confessions of a Tinderfella, although he wishes to remain anonymous. It’s legit, I swear.


Tinder, the social-networking/casual dating site everyone knows and loves. Chances are you have used Tinder or at the very least know someone who has used it. I set out on my Tinder journey with really no clear idea where it would take me. As a young, single, adult male in a city where I knew literally no one, I wanted to try a fresh way of branching out and meeting people. My hope was I would meet some cool girls, have a couple of drinks, and if all went well I would make a few friends. I was not trying to use Tinder just for casual hook ups and I was not looking for a deep meaningful relationship either. Below are a few thoughts and lessons I’ve picked up through my seemingly endless hours of swiping left and right:

1. Tinder has no rules. Some guys will be creepy, sick, dirty weirdos, that’s just a given. However some guys will actually try and be normal and at least carry on a conversation. Conversely, some girls will just be arrogant, snotty, rude b***hes who are just looking to get their egos boosted. And on the other hand, there are some really great girls out there who are just looking to have some fun and enjoy the freedom of their youth.

2. Keep your emotions in check. The guy or girl you want the most to match with probably won’t. Don’t get bent out of shape if a girl doesn’t respond back to you. Some dates are going to go well and others might not. Learn from them both. Make some memories you can laugh about later.

3. Tinder is a game. Even Tinder itself knows it’s a game. Ever noticed how after a match it will ask you whether or not you want to message them or keep playing? Don’t take the game too seriously.

4. Most girls aren’t DTF. I admit, prior to getting a Tinder, I heard many guys brag about how great Tinder is for meeting hot girls who are DTF. In most cases I think that is a bit exaggerated. A lot of girls I talk to just got Tinder to find out what guys thought about them and to flirt a little.

5. People can and will be fake. Whether it’s a girl who is drop-dead sexy but turns out to be a robot trying to get your money, someone who is very good looking in their photos but ehhhh not so much in real life, or simply a person who knows what to type but not what to actually say you will meet fake people. Shake them off and keep swiping.

6. Keep an open mind. You never really know what the next swipe could bring. Regardless if you know what you are looking for or if you are just playing the game for laughs you never know when your perfect match may land on your screen.

7. Tinder can be damn good entertainment. Just appreciate the variety in photos, bios, and outlandish characters you will get to see around you.

So those are just some lessons I’ve learned from my time using Tinder. I don’t pretend to be an expert on the subject but I don’t think I need to be. Tinder is fun. It’s easy, quick, and will allow you to open yourself up to people you otherwise might never meet. My expectations change almost daily but one thing I do know is, if I keep swiping, maybe just maybe, I will find my Tinderella.

-Guest post from one of Alex’s Tinder matches (he wishes to be anonymous).


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