The Amazing GirlyGoGarter

Hey gals!

So today I want to talk to you about a product that I absolutely adore, The GirlyGoGarter! If you’re anything like me you carry pretty much everything you own in your bag, which can get really annoying at times. We all know the dreaded scenario:  You arrive at a party, ready to dance the night away, but instead you end up using your purse as a dance partner because there’s no where to put it down! Not to mention the physical strain from slinging a bag over your shoulder all day. Well, the awesome team at GirlyGoGarter came up with a solution!

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The GGG is a simple product with an award-winning design that allows you to go purse-free! It can easily hold up to 3 pounds of items which could include your cell phone, keys, money and more! There are multiple pockets, so everything can have its own place.  The garter wraps around the thigh and is secured with velcro and also has a no-slip grip so you can dance the night away, without it falling off. Not to mention the fact that they come in an array of different colors, and styles!

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I’ve had a GGG for over a year now and I honestly love it! I use it often and it’s held up beautifully over time! I always get so annoyed when it comes to picking out bags because it’s kind of a commitment to lug it around all day. The GGG is perfect for when I don’t want to worry about that while still keeping the things I need close. Plus, the cute lace design sometimes peeks from under the hem of my dress and adds more interest to my outfit! If you’re at all interested you should head over to!

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Since we love you so much over here at OM, we’ve decided we’re going to share the love with our lucky readers! We’re going to give one lucky gal a GirlyGoGarter on us! So here are the rules:

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