Trend Alert: Soft Dressing

Active wear is stylish? Welcome to 2015.


During the mid and late 2000’s structured, bold sportswear and ready to wear styles seemed to be the answer for chic fashion it girls and guys. In the past couple of years, however, this counter culture capitalizing on ease and comfort has blown up.That’s right, the trend that seemed to be exclusive to your average sorority girl has finally been translated to the masses. For weekend wear, it’s not uncommon to see that the on-the-go girl has traded in her comfy jeans and ballet flats combo for a pair of Lulu Lemon leggings and a perfectly matching Nikes to get those pesky errands done.

With the proliferation of exercise as a priority in our everyday lives, the advent of an outfit that could take the average person from the gym to the grocery store seems like a no brainer. Additionally, activewear has seemed to parallel the exponential growth in the market for premium denim (a good that often features a spandex and cotton blend for added comfort), which according to NPD Group, accounts for around 1.2 Billion US dollars a year. All this evidence just seems to say that Americans are screaming for a luxurious way to wear spandex and be comfortable. Subsequently, more brands like Tory Burch, Lilly Pulitzer, and Betsey Johnson have announced the release of active wear lines and seem to be embracing the idea of functional comfort.Wearing activewear outside of the gym and still being considered chic makes it almost bearable to spend the arm and a leg that most high end activewear brands charge for something you’re supposed to sweat in.


However, it’s obvious this particular trend doesn’t necessarily work in all aspects of one’s life. You’d look ridiculous wearing your running shoes in a swanky club or to a job interview. But never fear, there is an answer to your insatiable desires for comfort: Soft Dressing.

What is soft dressing? Exactly what it sounds like– easy, soft, drapey pieces with a focus on feminine detailing that look effortless yet impossibly chic. Think of what you’d wear in the boudoir meets Disney Princess Jasmine meets Brandy Melville.


Here are some tips for executing this style flawlessly:

1. Movement

The easiest way to achieve this style is by choosing articles of clothing that look fluid; if your clothes have a lot of movement when you walk, you’re headed in the right direction.Try blousier, oversized tops or harem pants that will catch the breeze when you strut your stuff.

2. Fit is Key

It’s easy to look frumpy when you’re mixing pieces that have a more relaxed fit to them. To avoid walking the thin line between chic and potato sack, make sure you’re buying flattering fits. You want your clothes to have movement, but you still want to make sure your figure is visible. Try showing off the delicate parts of your body, like the collar bone, waist, and ankles to emphasize the femininity of this style.

3. Fabric Choice

Another key element of this trend is choosing fabrics that are breathable and light. Try and stick to cotton or anything with a silky texture; this will help give you an easy going, whimsical appearance.

4. Layer

The light, soft fabrics also make it easier to layer, which is another crucial element of executing this style. By layering, you’ll give the amorphous fabrics you’ve chosen dimension and depth, giving your look more visual interest. Try a lightweight cardigan or a bralette under a loose fitting tank.

5. Accessories

Lastly, try grounding your look with some bold accessories like a leather belt or layered necklaces. The addition of bolder, heavier textiles will give your look more texture and shape. This really pulls the look together and makes it more wearable for dressier occasions

Hopefully these tips give you a little style inspo as we move into the Spring months! We want to see some of your favorite outfits– hashtag #outremode on Instagram for a chance to be regrammed as an #ootd!

xoxo Thomas





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