The Bad Bitch Manifesto

2014 was indisputably the year of the bad bitch. As we recovered from the plague of basic bitches; i.e. the mass of UGG boot wearing, pumpkin spice latte sippin’, yoga pants wearing girls who literally could not even. Yes, as the epidemic spread faster than ebola, bad bitches like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna were a light in the basic-ness. Thus, an era of bad bitchery rose from the ashes of basic bitchery. As a self-proclaimed bad bitch, here are some traits of the bad bitch.

1. Be Independent
One thing I can’t stand is a girl who can’t stand to be alone. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a boyfriend but do not make him your entire life. Relationships are about sharing but don’t lose yourself in the process. A bad bitch is always in control of the situation and gets the attention of men by simply being a bad bitch, not for begging for their attention. Therefore a basic rule of thumb is to always want but not to need and never make yourself too available.

2. Be Able to Handle Your Liquor
Bad bitches do not hug toilets. Going out every night and getting sloppy drunk is not cute. A bad bitch knows when to say enough is enough although she may get sloppy on rare occasions, she is always calm, cool and collected.

3. Be Confident.
As a bad bitch, it is imperative that you always remain one. As the late Oscar de la Renta once said: “walk as though you have three men behind you.” Maintaining a face of cool confidence at all times is what differentiates a bad bitch from a basic bitch. Furthermore, exuding confidence with every step you take is like a 1UP in hotness *cue Super Mario music*.

4: Buy Bad Bitch Accessories
If you don’t own a leather jacket, too high heels, or lipstick the color of blood are you even a bad bitch? Those may be my accessories but as you develop your own bad bitchery, incorporate accessories that are uniquely you. Bad bitches have a style of their own and they’re not afraid to wear it. Own your style, make it your own, and never duplicate.

5. Be the Best at Whatever you Do.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a CEO of a huge company or a mother of two. Any female has the power to be a bad bitch. The most important aspect of bad bitchery is chasing your dreams and not settling for mediocrity. Everyone sees their life differently and  it’s all about making that dream a reality. So whether is play dates or lunch dates, go out there and get it.

As I digress, I sincerely hope that this glorification of powerful, independent and sassy women continues and we don’t just leave it behind in 2014. It’s time for the bad bitch revolution.


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